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Craftman US10B Mortise Knob by Knob - Lever By Lever Entry SetsDoor Hardware Toronto has been serving consumers for 17 years locally.  Consumers from the Greater Toronto Area have come to expect and exceed the flawless service and quality of the door hardware.  Great pride is shown to consumers through meeting or exceeding expectation, providing timely responses through varies communication methods, catering to the consumer’s need for multiple communication platforms, building personalized relationships with each consumer, and constructing problem resolution no matter what the project.

The quality of the door hardware is demonstrated from the premium brands carried like Baldwin, Schlage, Winly, Emtek, Fusion, Weiser, and many more.  Each of these vendors is known for consistency in the fit, finishes, and quality backed by warranties and numerous customer satisfaction reviews.  Door Hardware Toronto is a dealer for all the consumer’s needs.  From door locks, door levers, grip set, dead bolts, mortise door hardware, interior and exterior door hardware, and specialty barn door hardware to suit the individual or commercial application.  The company drives satisfaction on meeting or exceeding the consumer’s expectations.

To supply seamless communication for consumers, the company offers in store, phone, and website support.  In addition, the brands that are represented in the store have support services of its own.  Consumers can choose which method they prefer for the best possible experience.  The number one priority of the company is “Striking a Balance between Safety and Security.”

Door Hardware Toronto furnishes timely responses to all of its consumers.   Answering questions about how durable the hardware is for the application, security concerns, monitoring all the doors for commercial use, automation of doors in certain situations, and installation issues.  Each response is tailored to that consumer’s requirements and desires.  The products and services are there to insure the proper installation and aesthetic use for each application.

A personalized experience is waiting to be had by all.  This includes picking the right door hardware for the job from finishes, application, fit, and functionality.  The staff is trained to guide the consumer to the correct product for that specific requirement.  Door Hardware Toronto is committed to product and consumer quality and satisfaction.

Problem resolution is managed by weighing all the options and factors.  Even though finish concerns are still matter, safety and security of the product have a greater importance in the climate of today’s application.  The staff can recommend the best vendor for the consumer to purchase door hardware based upon the specifications of the job.  The consumers overall happiness remains the top priority of the company.

Door Hardware Toronto has the right brand door hardware for every project.  Baldwin door hardware products bring durability, quality, style, and comfort in every piece.  Time honored traditions of artistry and attention to detail are precisely forged from outstanding materials and with stunning detail.  Schlage door hardware products are built to be stylish and strong in all situations.  Designers, engineers, and craftsmen devise long-lasting and current interior and exterior security door locks to complement any décor.  Door Hardware Toronto also furnishes other well-known door hardware brands such as Winly door hardware, Emtek door hardware, and Weiser door hardware, who take pride, peace of mind, and quality in their products.  All of the brands mentioned above have a wide assortment to choose from.  The strength and security of the door hardware products provides the path to not just safety but security as well.  The company carries only products of the highest quality.  Quality can be defined in key control, security strike plates, saw-resistant bolts, anti-drill features, and lock casing for deadbolts.  These are only a few the features and benefits offered for deadbolts.

When picking door levers, door handle hardware, and more, Door hardware Toronto has the partnerships to match the right door hardware with the consumer’s needs.  This is more than just form and function, but the expertise to match the right brand for your project.  That may include deciding to use a lever style handle to last you through your golden years to having automation on the door hinges to comply with disability codes.  It is more than just what finish door hardware goes best with the project, but what application suits your individual or corporate situation.  The highly experienced and knowledgeable staff is there to answer all your questions and concerns.

Door Hardware Toronto, Quality never goes out of style.  Come and see us soon.

Door Hardware – Striking a Balance Between Safety and Security

In general, merely considering the words safety and security, you may assume they mean the same thing, well, they are closely related words but they can hardly be used interchangeably because each word has different meaning and uses. Safety is a form of protection offered against accidental  events while security is protection provided against intentional events or negligence.

In terms of door hardwares, door hardware safety is the protection offered by your door hardwares against accidents. This protection may include being able to be properly locked, prevention of lock system from breaking easily and having fault etc, while security has to do with being protected from outside forces such as in the case of theft and burglary. Door hardware security is used to ensure safety and also helps you to have full control of your door. However, there must be a balance between safety and security of door hardware because both are needed in reasonable proportion to ensure protection of our houses and lives.

Therefore whenever you want to get door hardware, try to go for door hardwares that can guarantee both safety and security when they are being used. These are some of the security and safety features to consider in a door hardware:

– The lock system of the door must be secure and safe to use for anybody.

– The door must not be easy to break into or burgle to prevent break-ins and burglaries.

– If someone who is handicapped will be regularly using the door, use automatic openers that makes use of little or no mechanical contact. Automatic openers are safe and easy to use for them.

– If you have little children, you may consider getting door hardware that is safe and secure for use by children, but it must have a form of children lock which regulates unauthorised use by children.

– The components of the door that ensure safety must be made with quality materials. These components include hinges, dead bolts, closures, stopper, locks, handles, etc.

Quality door hardware that ensure safety and security can be gotten from various door hardware companies. At Door Hardware Toronto, for example, they sell handle grip sets, multi point locks, concealed hinges, exterior classy door, pocket door hardware, door levers, barn door hardware, lever sets, door hinges, modern exterior door hardware and so on.  Door hardware Toronto carry top of the line hardware from well-known brands like winly, Emtek, Schlage, Baldwin and Weiser.

For durable, safe and secure door hardware, you can contact Door Hardware Toronto through their website www.doorhardwaretoronto.ca where various information are provided on different types, size and designs of door hardware available. These information will help you in determining what type of door hardware you should go for.

Door Hardware Toronto Products Installations on Modern Homes

Grip Set

Rustic Doors, Double Fiberglass Woodgrain Installed by Door Hardware Toronto in Brampton

Lever Set

Door Levers-Executive Doors Executive 8-Foot-Fiberglass-Solid-Double-Parliament-Front-Doors-with-Multi-Point-Locks-by Door Hardware Toronto

Modern Sapphire Blue Glass

DOOR-LEVERS-installed-in-new-exterior-door-by-Door Hardware Toronto

Pocket Door Hardware

pocket-door-Hardware-by Door Hardware Toronto

Door Locks & Bath Hardware Collections

Exterior Door Locks


We have large collections of Exterior Door Locks to choose from, most of our door locks are modern and newly designed to suit your needs. all our door locks are high quality and built for Canadian weather and they never rust.

Interior Door Locks

Interior Door Locks

Give elegant look to your house by installing high quality and top of the line interior door locks. we have variety of door locks to choose from based on color and design of your house. please visit our gallery to see our door locks.

Electric Door Locks

EMTouch DB Before and After

Electric Door Locks are secure and keyless. you just need to enter your code to access your home. you can set different code for each person in your household.

Bath Hardware

Stainless Steel Paper Holder, Bar Style- BH_27-SS

We provide large collection of Bath Hardware to choose from depending to the color and design of your bathroom, you can select one of our modern Bath Hardware and add to look of your Bathroom.