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Stainless Steel Style, 2 x 10 Keyed - Multi Point LOcksDoor Hardware Markham is located in the city of Markham in Ontario, Canada. The city of Markham is best known as Canada’s high-tech capital. With this distinction, comes a growing infrastructure for business, highly educated and driven workforce, and prosperous and divergent population. Since the city was founded in 1791 it has continued to blossom and thrive.

One of those industries that have endured is door hardware. If for commercial or individual purposes, Door Hardware Markham has the solution. From well-known manufactures like Emtek hardware and Baldwin hardware. Can’t find that crystal or glass door knob that matches all the other door hardware in your home or business? Not only does the pattern, finish, style, and fit perfectly, it comes with unsurpassed quality, knowledgeable staff, and long-lasting value.

Grip set door handles are a wise choose to invest in, due to the fact that it includes both the grip or handle and a deadbolt. With Door Hardware Markham expert staff installation of a grip set is a snap. Maybe a Grip set is not the right alternative for your project. Don’t worry there are plenty of other options to choose from.

Interior and exterior door handles range from door knobs to door levers to door handles with or without locking mechanisms. Door locks and deadbolts are a must have for the safety and security of your property. All include various finishes, styles, and sizes to select from. The team at Door Hardware Markham is there to help consumers acquire the suitable solution from start to finish.

Commercial door hardware is built to with stand extreme wear and tear on the components. This may be in the form of multiple people opening and closing the door. Customers or employees intense handling and strain on door handles and hinges. Each piece is made from higher grade or quality and heavy duty materials that can with stand the ongoing abuse of a day. Other standards are in place for commercial door hardware as well. There are also kick plates available to protect the consumer’s door investment at Door Hardware Markham.

Pocket door hardware is concealed within the door, since the door moves freely into an opening within a wall. This hardware can be standard, rounded, or mortised style. The benefit is determined by if the pocket door is not prepped and needs to be notched, already prepped, or mortised. Higher end doors involve mortise hardware, pre-prepped doors generally accept rounded hardware, and unfinished or black doors require standard or notched hardware. Door Hardware Markham has the entire line to meet the consumer’s expectations.

Keyless locks are becoming more frequent in residential areas. These locks support multiple programming to insure each family member has their own unique code or workers can come into the home without the hassle of a key. The codes can be changed at any time bringing peace of mind to the homeowner. Generally, these keyless locks are electronic, require up keep of the batteries, and are backlit for ease of operation in the dark. Stop by Door Hardware Markham for a wide selection.

When picking out which deadbolt is appropriate for the application there are keyed and non-keyed options. As mentioned previously, keyless locks provide safety and security without the hassle of losing keys. Single cylinder deadbolts have a key on the outside and a thumb operated level on the inside. Double cylinder deadbolts have key movements on both the inside and outside. Single sided deadbolts have operations only on the inside via a lever operation. Which option is right for you? Visit Door Hardware Markham today to find out.

Let’s Build the Future Together with Door Hardware Markham.