Door Hardware

Door Hardware

ArtNouv SP Mortise Knob by Knob - Lever By Lever Entry SetsEveryplace needs a way to open and secure a door.  So what is door hardware?  It can be door knobs, levers, locks, levers, and grip set door handles, deadbolts, hinges, and so much more.  The function, style, and materials can vary upon customer preferences.  At Door Hardware Toronto the employees can help navigate the sea of brands to choose from.  With the latest technology and knowledge at their disposal, finding that ideal solution for your project is simple.

Door hardware is there to help a person open, close, or secure a passageway.  Door knobs are typically round operating mechanisms that allow a door to open or close.  These devices are conveniently ready to use in many styles and finishes.  Once the customer has chosen their style and finish, then what type of function is applicable for your situation can be addressed.  Door knobs are either keyed or not keyed.  If your choice is not keyed simply add a deadbolt for security and safety.

Door levers present a challenge.  This challenge is how the door swings or handed to ensure the proper fit for the direction of the lever.  This door hardware comes in various styles, materials, and functions.  Retailers can advise customers on which lever to choose.  Some manufacturers like Schlage have  movable handling for effortless installation.  Like with door knobs, door levers can be keyed or not keyed for the security and safety of the owner.

Door lever functions are keyed entrance doors, passage, privacy, and dummy doors.   Keyed entrance door hardware is commonly used on exterior doors for security.  Passage locks will not lock and have latching systems for ease of opening and closing the door.  Privacy has a locking device but is usually not keyed like exterior door handles.  Dummy doors refer to knobs or levers without a latching system.  When purchasing or ordering door levers handling must be taken into consideration because otherwise the door lever may be upside down.

Deadbolts come in single cylinder, double cylinder, keyless, and single sided alternatives.  But how do you know which type is right for your project?  Single cylinder deadbolts have a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside.  Double cylinders require keys both on the inside and outside.  Keyless deadbolts can be set up for multiple people to have their own access code.  These codes can be changed at any time.  Single sided deadbolts have nothing on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside.  Still confused?  Visit Door Hardware Toronto to figure out your door hardware needs.

Grip set door handles furnish an all in one solution for both the knob and deadbolt with a decorative plate.  Single door entry sets are ideal for one door applications.  The handle set will come equipped with a single cylinder deadbolt.  Glass entry door need a double cylinder deadbolt.  Double entry doors have and active and inactive side.  For the active side a single cylinder deadbolt will get the  job done and attach to the inactive side.  This door hardware comes in a range of functions, styles, and materials to suit your project.

Keyless locks are favored in commercial settings but are gain momentum in residential arenas.  Generally the locks have a power source like direct wired or batteries.  Keys are a thing of the past with these locks.  Codes can be changed easily and frequently when needed.  In some applications the keyless locks do not require a power source.  Choosing the right door hardware for the right job can be difficult at best.   That is why you should shop at Door Hardware Toronto.

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