Proper Door Hardware Specification Reduces Maintenance Time

Proper Door Hardware Specification Reduces Maintenance Time

Modern Style, 2 x 10 Non-Keyed Multi Point Locks

Though high quality door hardware may be expensive to buy at initial stage compared to low quality ones, it is actually much more cost effective as money will be saved on maintenance and repairs which are to be done in later years.

The following are the main specification and features of a door hardware:

Material. The material used in making the hardware will have a bearing on how good it is. Brass is popularly used as it has been known to be very good and durable. There are also other good materials that can be used.

Type of device. Each device that is part of door hardware has different specification. The specification for exterior handles will be different from specification of levers.

Operating features. Operating features of a door hardware will be determined by the type of door hardware it is. For example, card swiping lock system door will have different operating features from conventional and traditional manual key door.

However, no matter the specification of the door hardware, it must fulfill the following conditions ;

– It must be able to keep the house, office, barn etc safe

– It must offer security.

– It must follow basic regulations of specification of door hardware.

– It must be durable and reliable.

Another thing to consider about specification is the specific room or house it is to be used for. For example, the specification of door handles that should be used for doors of commercial center or place, where lots of people (probably hundreds or thousands) will visit everyday and resultantly, the door handle will be used a lot of times each day must be different from that of a living apartment where the owner may hardly have up to five visitors each day.

A times you may need the service of a door hardware company to know the specific type of door hardware you need, they will give you the available specification and designs from which you can choose from. Door hardware Toronto can be contacted for such service through their office line (416)-628-1427 or their website at

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